Service Group Distribution (SGD) is a global supplier of security, automotive and energy efficient products and services. Our vast product portfolio includes:

  • Energy Saving Solar Control Window Films
  • Solar Control Skylight Paint
  • Safety and Security Window Films
  • Security Film Attachment Systems
  • Decorative Films
  • Automotive Window Tint
  • Vinyl Graphics Films
  • Vehicle Wrap Films
  • Automotive Paint Protection Film
  • Vehicle Sanitizing and Deodorizing Chemicals
  • Vehicle Fuel and Oil Systems Cleaning Chemicals
  • Zola Tools & Solutions for Window and Film Professionals

Our Family of Companies

Allegiance After Market and Service Group Distribution come from a family of vehicle-centric and film-based companies. Our Family of Companies include:

Allegiance Administrators

Allegiance Administrators is an industry leader in the Vehicle Service Contract industry. With integrity, flexibility and an incredible commitment to their customers’ long-term success, Allegiance is force in the F&I market. From security to flexibility, performance and customer satisfaction, Allegiance’s service pioneered real-time, efficient and profitable vehicle service contracts to franchise and multi-line new and used car dealers.


Allegiance Auto Buying

Located in southern California, Allegiance Auto Buying specializes in buying and selling cars for credit union members. Working through their Preferred Dealer Network, AAB has established a name as a major player in brokering vehicles.


MotoGroup USA

MotoGroup USA is an industry leader in providing motorcycle enthusiasts with an array of products from cycle care and rider accessories to extended service contracts. Offerings include MotoSling, MotoShield and MotoGrip as well as MotoGap and MotoGuard.


CuttinEdge Lab

CuttinEdge Lab is the manufacturer of CELShield screen and device protective films and CELWrap decorative vinyl film for consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Headquartered in sunny Southern California, CuttinEdge Lab focuses on developing and using high quality premium products to protect, personalize and enhance the end-user experience of electronic mobile devices.


Our Team

With over 50 years of experience in automotive aftermarket, window film, safety and security, and tools our team can help you no matter your need. SGD offers superior service and the right products. We are here to help you grow with us.