Allegiance After Market Products Awarded Distribution of CCL’s Nano-Fusion®
Paint Protection Film in Eleven States November 13, 2013

San Dimas, Calif. - At the close of Las Vegas’ SEMA trade show on Friday, Allegiance After Market Products (AAM) announced their partnership with CCL Design to distribute Nano-Fusion® Paint Protection Film in the West and Midwest Markets. CCL awarded AAM distributorship for eleven states for their PPF product. The western states include California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The Midwest covers Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Montana and Michigan.


Service Group Distribution of California Announces Eight Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapped
Vehicles at SEMA November 1, 2013

FULLERTON, Calif., November 1, 2013 – Although Service Group Distribution (SGD) and its sister company Zola Tools aren’t manning a booth at SEMA next week, they have announced a huge presence in the Show with eight vehicles being wrapped in their Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film...


Service Group Distribution Announces Addition of Solar Control Paint to Product Lines July 16, 2013

SGD distributes four Liquisol paints: 4Ever, 4EverBlue, 4EverDark and 3Seasons. Each can be applied to glass, acrylic or plexiglass conservatories, skylights and sky domes to reduce heat and glare. “Skylights enhance rooms by bringing in sunlight,” said Brian Rodriguez, SGD Sales Executive. “With this light sometimes comes unwanted heat and glare. Liquisol paints are an affordable and effective way to reduce those problems.”


Service Group Distribution Awarded Avery Dennison Automotive Aftermarket Distribution for
Vinyl Graphic and Car Wrapping Film June 18, 2013

Avery Dennison’s Easy Apply RS Technology allows for easy and quick adjustments in positioning, significantly reducing application time without loss of quality. The film slides around on a vehicle’s surface, even over complex curves, until the installer is certain the positioning is perfect. If the wrap needs to be removed completely and started again from scratch, it doesn’t harm the wrap.


Service Group Distribution Expands Product Portfolio with Vehicle Chemicals July 2, 2013

Fullerton, California – Service Group Distribution (SGD) has announced their alliance with two leading suppliers of vehicle chemicals. SGD has partnered with: Errecom, a supplier of air conditioning consumables for sanitizing a vehicle’s interior and air conditioning system; and BlueChem, the manufacturer of PowerMaxx, designed for cleaning a vehicle’s fuel and oil systems. Both companies are certified by TUV in Europe and their products help save the environment from harmful emissions.


Service Group Distribution Announces New Film Lines at Open House June 10, 2013

Fullerton, California - Service Group Distribution (SGD) hosted an open house this past week to educate their dealers and distributors about the benefits of their extensive product portfolio and to highlight their new exclusive Pentagon Window Films line of safety and security, vehicle and architectural window films.


Service Group Distribution installed Nano-Fusion PPF on cars that raced in the World’s Greatest Drag Race 4! Mototrend Magazine

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DSport: April 2014 issue

How to Protect a $20,000 Paint Job Against Scratches, Bird Crap and Sap Prudence demands that you protect your investments. When that investment is you vehicle's paint, it's easy to see how difficult it is to defend. Rock chips, oxidation, ultraviolet light, bird droppings, sap, tar, brake dust...the list is long and harrowing. Fortunately, paint-protection technology has come a long way.


Allegiance After Market installed PPF on all of the cars that raced in the World’s Greatest Drag Race 3! Mototrend Magazine

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Our own Brian Rodriguez installed Window Tint on a Toyota Tundra with Magda of DUB! DUB Magazine

See the video clip here (it aired in August on MTV’s MUN2)

Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R: Front End Protection with PremiumShield
July 31, 2013

We have written articles about getting the paint on our various project cars protected with various films in the past with a great amount of success. Like all things protective film technology is continuously improving and we were lucky enough to sample one of the latest in protective films on our Project R35 GT-R.

Our friends at Service Group Distribution are into film technology and they are the ones that introduce us to new stuff. We got a call from them where they wanted to demo their new Premium Shield film for us. What better car to try it on than our new DBA GT-R?

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