TÜV Certified in Europe

Contamination is your engine’s enemy. Power-robbing deposits of carbon, resin and varnish are all just a part of your engine’s normal cycle. Short distance driving, stop and go traffic and poor fuel quality further contribute to the situation. Take back your vehicle's power and performance with a complete fuel and oil system service using PowerMaxx products by BlueChem. Loaded with highly-effective cleaners for a vehicle’s fuel, oil and air intake systems, BlueChem’s products clean and protect your vehicle’s critical components while reducing harmful emissions into the environment. The BlueChem Group is a world leader in providing effective products that clean and protect the internal combustion engine. BlueChem’s formulas are tested under the most stringent standards in Europe. The TüV aggressively tests and certifies consumer products, only after countless hours are products awarded the TüV stamp of approval.

BlueChem’s fuel system cleaners completely remove harmful moisture, deposits and resins from the tank to the combustion chambers. Naturally occurring harmful contaminants such as carbon, gum and varnish are broken down and dissolved into minute particles throughout the entire fuel system. The results are consistent fuel injector spray patterns, improved performance and fuel consumption. The top half of the piston is cleaned, dissolving carbon and other harmful contaminants.  This restores the manufacturer’s specified engine compression creating a clean, powerful combustion. BlueChem’s cleaners lubricate the entire fuel system including the fuel pump and injectors. 

Adding BlueChem’s Oil System Cleaner to your normally scheduled oil change optimizes engine performance and reduces oil and fuel consumption. During the cleaning process, OSC increases the old oil lubrication properties by 86% suspending contaminants found in the dirty engine oil. The process breaks the contaminants down and dissolves them reducing harmful blockages throughout the engine. OSC restores engine compression by cleaning the piston rings and grooves allowing proper sealing and ring expansion. With its thorough cleaning process valve train noise is reduced. OSC has no harmful effect on gaskets, oil rings and seals. 
DPF Power Clean is a specially formulated high-power diesel additive used to assist in the regeneration of the Diesel Particle Filter. When DPF Power Clean is added to diesel fuel, it attaches itself to the soot build up, allowing it to burn off at a much lower temperature. DPF Power Clean is the most economical way to preserve and clean the particle filter. Apply every three to four months to maintain MPG and avoid operational problems.