TÜV Certified in Europe | ISO 9001: 2008


This powerful electronic ultrasonic nebulizer is designed to atomize Errecom’s specially formulated Atom Sanitizing Liquid. Fine vapors, less than five microns in size, are distributed by the vehicle’s air conditioning system to sanitize and deodorize both the A/C system and the vehicle’s interior.

The Atom Machine is supplied with 48 bottles of 200ml Atom Sanitizing Liquid. This Atom Treatment System provides an effective, yet economical sanitizing and deodorizing solution.


The Atom Sanitizing Liquid is a sanitizing solution designed to be delivered through the Atom Machine. The liquid is atomized to ensure deep penetration into the surfaces and furnishings of a vehicle’s interior and air passage surfaces, including the air conditioning system.

  • Easy to apply
  • Eliminates bacteria and other micro organisms
  • Treats A/C system and vehicle’s interior surfaces and furnishings
  • Restores and refreshes interior air quality
  • Excellent long-term effect

The Atom Sanitizing Liquid is delivered by the Atom Machineand distributed by the air conditioning system. The very fine particles (less than five microns in diameter) will not easily evaporate on the surfaces they encounter, instead they fully impregnate in the A/C system and vehicle’s interior.

Why the alternatives are not effective
  • Active ingredients in a heated liquid quickly vaporize, not allowing enough time to penetrate into the A/C system or interior surfaces of a vehicle
  • Active ingredients delivered through an aerosol can don’t provide the coverage required to guarantee 100% effectiveness
  • The size and the weight of particles delivered by heat or aerosol cause prompt precipitation and condensation


This simple, easy-to-use, two-step system eliminates odor and bacteria.

  • Foam can with hose for A/C unit and airways:
    Eliminates odor causing deposits
  • Aerosol can with click-down nozzle:
    Freshens interior while killing bacteria
  • Hose reaches into the A/C evaporator allowing for a deep penetration of the foam.
  • How it works: The foam attaches itself to the impurities inside the A/C unit. As the foam dissolves into liquid form it pulls the impurities and drains through the evaporator drain holes.
Aerosol Can
  • Removes unpleasant and musky odors
  • Odor is eliminated, not just masked
  • Recommended service every 3-6 months


Overtime, oil residue forms in A/C tubing lines. This treatment releases the plaque residue, allowing for an efficient and smoother running A/C unit. The ‘plaque’ impedes the transfer of heat in both the condenser and the evaporator. Errecom’s Cool Shot eliminates the plaque, allowing the refrigerant to once again have direct contact with the heat transfer surfaces.

  • Enhances A/C performance
  • Delivers colder air faster
  • Significantly reduces CO2 emissions
  • Increases cooling capacity by 20-30%
  • Extends the life of the A/C unit by 20-30%
  • Allows refrigerants direct contact with all internal heat transfer surfaces
  • One-time treatment
  • Preventative maintenance of A/C compressor

Errecom is a leading supplier of air conditioning consumables for sanitizing a vehicle’s interior and air conditioning systems. In addition, Errecom has a Brilliant product that detects A/C leaks, an Extreme product that actually repairs the identified leak and last but not least, Universal PAG and POE 100 that does a fantastic job at lubricating a vehicle’s A/C system. Read on for more information on these great Errecom products.


Errecom’s UV leak detector dyes provide safe, fast and precise detection of small refrigerant gas leaks in the air conditioning system. When Brilliant is used, its dye will fluoresce under illumination with a UV lamp and expose wherever there is a refrigerant leak.

  • Precisely locate refrigerant gas leaks
  • Visible to any UV light
  • Completely solvent-free
    • No negative effect on any A/C system
    • No damage to maintenance equipment such as recovery units
  • Ideal for preventative purposes
  • Won’t clog A/C or recovery system
  • Includes advice stickers
  • Carried in a superior Lubricant Base
    • 100% compatible with A/C system lubricants (avoiding change to the system’s lubricant properties)
Why the alternatives are not a good choice
  • Many dyes are made with co-solvents, chemical components in which dye-pigments are highly soluble, thus the dyes become soluble in the lubricant. Co-solvents have been proven to seriously damage A/C system components.
  • Co-solvents Aromatic 200 and NMPare both listed in the Pesticide Action Network as Bad Actor pesticides due to their developmental toxicity and carcinogenicity.
  • The use of co-solvents in air-conditioning systems can be harmful to aluminum, plastic and rubber. These materials represent the majority of all airconditioning system and recovery equipment component materials.
  • UV dyes made with co-solvents can negatively alter the lubricating proprieties of a system’s lubricant since they are not miscible in CFC, HFC or HCFC. Continual use of these types of products can ultimately lead to premature failure of the system.


Extreme is specifically designed for the safe repair of small Freon leaks that frequently occur with metal and rubber vehicle A/C system components.The critical ingredients of Extreme are triggered into action only when there is a leak, mechanically building a flexible permanent seal.

  • Permanently seals Freon leaks in both metal and rubber system components
  • Ideal preventative - reacts to leaks for a full 12 months
  • Highly visible with UV lamp
  • Significantly reduces compressor noise and vibration
  • Harmless to A/C system and components
  • Non-reactive to humidity and air
  • Compatible with all Freon gases
  • Polymer-free (won’t clog A/C system or recovery machinery)

Errecom’s Universal PAG is one of the most superior products on the market for lubricating a vehicle’s A/C system. The lubricant does not easily absorb moisture, unlike the other products on the market. Additionally, Universal PAG uses the highest quality lubricant available in the A/C consumables industry.


POE 100 is one of the best products on the market for lubricating a hybrid or electric vehicle’s A/C system. The synthetic lubricant doesn’t allow any moisture into the A/C system. Being that A/C systems in hybrid and electric vehicles are not mechanical, but electric, it is extremely important to avoid introducing moisture into the components.

Note: PAG (POLYALKYLENE GLYCOL) Lubricants are not miscible with POE(SYNTHETYC POLYOLESTER) Lubricants.